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On March 10th, 2017 my best friend, soulmate, and greatest inspiration got down on one knee to ask me to spend the rest of our lives together. Just three years before this moment, I had been on a plane from Los Angeles to Arizona for homecoming weekend at the University of Arizona, when I met a charming man that was also traveling back to his Alma Mater. That man would turn out to be my fiancé!

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From that moment forward we visited each other every weekend for a year in a half (he lived in New York, I lived in Los Angeles) until I finally decided to move to the Big Apple. Over time we shared many adventures across the world, joined friends, made new ones, went through family hardships, and found our loving golden retriever puppy together. I thought it was impossible to ever be happier… That is until he decided to whisk us away to Bordeaux, France for the surprise of a lifetime. After a day of vineyard hopping at some some of the oldest wine estates in the world, we flew over the remarkable french chateau, Cos D’ Estournel, which would become our home for the weekend.

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Being told this was my birthday trip, I was still utterly unaware of what was about to happen even after the beautiful dinner and fairytale-like strings and harp performance. But there he was getting down on a knee with a blast a fireworks going off behind his head! Needless to say, it will be one of our greatest memories and I can’t wait to spend forever with this man. #ThePerlsons

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