Brianna and Conor

How We Met

We were just 15 and 16 years old when we first met. I noticed him working as a cart boy at our local supermarket. I told my best friend I thought he was hot. She was friends with one of his friends. One Sunday morning they put us on the phone together.. it was awkward! We decided to quickly end the conversation and text message instead. The next few days we spent countless hours texting and I/Ming on AIM. Then, we met up for the first time in person and shared our first kiss. Just 13 days later I became his girlfriend and little did we know we’d be spending the next 9 years together.

how they asked

Fast forward to 9 years and 3 days later, my best friend and I were going out to lunch on New Year’s Eve because we decided not to exchange Christmas gifts. On our way to lunch she had to make 2 stops and during that time I was looking up the menu for our restaurant. I’m a very picky eater so I was complaining to her I probably wouldn’t be able to order anything, and Google said it wasn’t open for another 4 hours. We arrive at her second pit stop and it was a familiar place. She was supposed to quickly meet a friend on the cross street of my dad’s block.. We pulled up, she parked and quickly got out of the car. I couldn’t understand why she would get out and walk to meet this person when it felt like -12 degrees outside.

Brianna and Conor's Engagement in Philadelphia, PA

Next thing I knew, my boyfriend and our son came running around the corner. At first, I was so confused, then it clicked… this was it! The moment I’ve been waiting for my whole life but more importantly the past 9 years!!!! Our son wore a shirt that said: “Mommy will you marry daddy?” They walked me to the same spot we had shared our first kiss 9 years ago. He couldn’t have done a better job, picked a more perfect spot, or chose a colder day (lol). My best friend, mom, and mother in law hired a hidden photographer they knew I so desperately wanted & she couldn’t have captured our moment any better!!!!

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