Brianna and Colton

How We Met

September 15, 2016 I was in Love Valley, NC with my mom and a few friends riding horses. We rode into town to get some dinner and hang out. We were outside the Silver Spur Saloon when one of the bouncers came outside, he had just gotten off work. He asked if he could join us sitting on the porch, and we immediately started talking. We ended up spending the whole evening together. We talked until 4 in the morning. The following day, he was off work and we ended up hanging out that night and talking until 3 in the morning. We’ve been together ever since.

how they asked

My family was planning a beach trip for Memorial Day. We arrived at Oak Island, NC, Thursday the 25th of May. Friday morning everything was completely normal, my cousin asked me to take some pictures for her anniversary so I suggested that Colton and I take pictures as well! He was all for it! Well that evening we began getting ready for pictures and every one at the beach with us came out of the house to walk on the beach! I knew something was up, I just wasn’t sure what! So I took my cousins pictures and then it was our turn. We took maybe three pictures before he started to pull away and drop down to one knee!

My cousin had been in on it the whole time! I can’t thank them enough for making it the most special day!

Special Thanks

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