Brianna and Cody

How We Met

Cody and I went to middle school together in the small town of Hanover, PA but didn’t start dating until my Masters year of college. He and my sister were the same age so we new each other forever, but I was the annoying little sister and he, well, he was a boy so he had cooties at the time. It’s actually our awkward stages that I can never stop laughing about. Like the time he yelled “tsunami” when I jumped in the pool. Or the fact that I was probably the “annoying little sister” always bothering the big kids haha! We also went to high school together, but let’s be real, we were in different grades and crowds. However, years later my sister moved to Baltimore and Cody lived not to far from her in the city. It was one fall night visiting her at a social gathering where we actually really got to know each other, not as 12 year olds or high schoolers, but as adults (although we sometimes still act like we are kids). We connected instantly, danced the whole night away, and have never stopped laughing since. Every day is an adventure and every moment is a blessing with him.

Proposal Ideas Broadway Pier in Fells Point, Baltimore, MD

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Broadway Pier in Fells Point, Baltimore, MD

Brianna's Proposal in Broadway Pier in Fells Point, Baltimore, MD

how they asked

It was a chilly but beautiful day as the crystal snowflakes fell from the blueish gray sky. I thought we were going to a work party in Baltimore at a restaurant along the Broadway Pier. Cody wanted a picture so we asked the only people we could see on the pier, two women taking photos of the snow covered harbor. After they took a quick snap on his phone, I started to walk toward the restaurant when Cody took my hand and continued to guide me toward the end of the pier. He began reminiscing on our first dates, our best times, our love, our friendship, and our dreams for the future. My heart felt like it was going to beat out of my chest when our eyes met. He got on one knee, and even though the snow was falling rapidly, everything in that moment froze. He held up the sparkling ring, asked me to marry him, and of course I replied YES!” It was truly the most magical day of my life.

I can’t wait to spend forever with my best friend!!

Special Thanks

Bekah Lindner
 | Photographer