Brianna and Chad

How We Met: Chad and I met when we were both fifteen at a basketball game. I went to a neighboring high school, and watched him play against our school in an annual spring tournament. We have been dating ever since. He is my best friend, and we have really grown up together.



how they asked: I had absolutely no clue it was going to happen! He took me to Muscarellas (our favorite Italian restaurant) for dinner, and then we headed to Kraynaks (a holiday store with a giant walk through Christmas display) because I always beg him to take me through Christmas land! We started walking through Christmas land, and we were the only people inside (little did I know he had it blocked off) as we walked through, he stopped me at a display with a large Christmas tree and Santa Claus. On Santa’s list wrote “Brianna look for the pink box”. He then stepped inside the display, leading me in with him. Looking around for the box, I saw it placed on the Christmas tree. Opening it, a picture of us was inside with the note “ok, now close your eyes”, and before I knew it he was down on one knee popping the question! Afterwards our families threw a party to celebrate. I couldn’t ask for a better night, and I look forward our Christmas themed wedding in December!



Photos by Ryan Zarichnak