Brianna and Cameron

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How We Met

Cameron and I are both Fightin’ Texas Aggies and our wonderful university is what brought us together. I was born and raised in Odessa, TX and became a die hard Aggie pretty young in life. Cameron however grew up in Lorena, TX and eventually found a love for A&M as well. (His dad is a longhorn and I have seen pictures of Cameron in burnt orange..thank goodness he got over that) Though we are a few years a part in age and were majoring in very different subjects, Cameron and I stumbled upon each other through my job. I remember telling my best friend how adorable he was and of course there was flirting each time we crossed paths, but for many months I didn’t see him and I thought that was that. One night I was with a friend at the Dixie Chicken…a famous bar in Aggieland and we were doing what most Ags at “the chicken” do, playing pool. Of course I was on my phone and had noticed messages in my spam inbox on Facebook. I opened up the folder to find a message from Cameron from 3 months ago. I was completely shocked. How could this adorable guy send me a message and I not find it for three months? I immediately messaged him back and asked what he was up to. Crazy enough he replied that he and a buddy were headed to the chicken. Looking back, I’d have to say that was fate right there. We ended up playing pool and enjoying the night together. This was definitely the start to a friendship because it would be almost a year before Cameron made anything official. From Aggie football games, to visits to the dog park, Cameron slowly fell in love with my dog…and I was definitely falling head over heels for him. Eventually things just seem to click. We studied together, hung out often, and even road tripped to Atlanta to watch our Aggies get a win over Duke in the Chick-Fil-A Bowl, (WHOOP!) and eventually he took me home for Easter to meet the family. Not long after that we were official and our future together just seem to fall into place. I ended up graduating a year early, he loved A&M so much he stayed an extra year and we sought out jobs together and eventually moved to New Braunfels, TX to start our lives.

how they asked

On September 20th, I got all dressed up and we headed to Waco for Cam’s sister’s bridal shower. On our way there he asked if I wanted to go Tortilla tossing which is a Waco tradition off of the Waco Suspension bridge over the Brazos River, and I’m always up for new things so of course I said yes! Little did I know plotting had begun and whispers were spreading around the bridal shower about the event to follow. I had no clue all the ladies were discussing it because I was caught up in conversations with his sweet aunt and cousin of course. So once the shower was over, his mom and I headed back to their home and Cameron wanted to stop by Katie’s (a custard shop) which is something we do a lot when we come to town because it’s my favorite treat, and then we would head to the bridge. After spending some time eating custard at Katie’s, he showed me the beautiful Baylor campus and we headed to toss tortillas. (Thinking back on it I probably should have been suspicious because of all the stalling but we were spending time doing things I love like eating at Katie’s and touring the old and beautiful campus so I just didn’t think much of it) While walking onto the bridge he took my hand and I casually answered a text from one of my best friends about fall nail colors, not having any idea that as we were strolling down the bridge (with tortillas in my hand might I add) that his family was hiding out waiting to witness this incredible moment and take pictures. As we got about half way down the bridge, he stopped me, turned to face me and tells me that we aren’t actually here to toss tortillas and in that moment, he got down on one knee with the most beautiful ring and asked me to marry him! I was so shocked that it took me a minute to get words out, it was like time stood still in that moment and all I could see was a beautiful ring and my best friend staring back at me. As soon as I said yes I hugged him and all of a sudden the entire family is screaming and clapping. I of course run to his mom to hug her and I have to say, I could not keep the smiles and happiness under control. His family is so dear to me and I feel like I got the entire package that day, a ring, the love of my life, and an incredible family to add to my family tree. It’s been almost two months and I constantly catch myself staring at my ring, just wanting to soak up every minute of what his proposal has brought. He put so much thought and effort into my ring and the proposal, it was just beyond amazing. I have even been stopped and complimented by a few strangers at different places because they have noticed my ring. I am very excited to marry my best friend and my favorite Fightin’ Texas Aggie!

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