Brianna and Brandon

How We Met

I was asked to go to a college graduation party two summers ago by one of my cousins. Out of character, I wasn’t really in the mood for a party so I was hesitant about going. After she convinced me it would be tons of fun, we hopped in her car to go. As we walked in I saw Brandon. He was playing a game of beer pong in the driveway and I immediately found him to be very attractive. We shook hands and introduced ourselves, and I went on my way. We went the entire party without saying a word to each other besides a few glances back and forth. Finally it was time for my cousin and I to leave when Brandon struck up a conversation with me about skydiving (one if his many passions.) I was so fascinated and attracted to this man, but still, nothing happened. A few days later I am swiping on my tinder app and there is Brandon, the guy from the party! I was so excited that I immediately swipe right and guess what? A match! We start chatting away about how funny it is that we met at a party and just a few days later happen to pass each other on a dating app. After exchanging numbers, Brandon asked me on a date to the Dutchess County Fair. Since that day, we have been inseparable and I couldn’t be happier.

how they asked

For every month anniversary, Brandon would surprise me (although after a few months it wasn’t very much of a surprise) with a rose for the amount of months we had been dating. So – one month one rose, two months two roses – you get the picture. It was Christmas Eve 2016 and I unfortunately had to work the entire day at the Urgent Care. I was having such a hectic day with a dozen sick/injured patients. I was told Brandon’s family was coming to my house for Christmas Eve dinner because they had nothing else going on. At 5 o’clock I rush home wearing my ugly Christmas sweater with scrub pants (not a good look for me, haha!) When I walk in everyone is about to start eating appetizers. I mingle with my family and his family when my mom says “Let’s take a picture of all the families in front of the tree!” It was a week before our 1 year anniversary but Brandon had my 12 roses ready to go. He gives me the roses and I am so happy to receive them as always! Then, both of our parents, him, and I gather in front of the tree to smile for the camera when all of a sudden he is down on one knee in front of 30 of our family members, asking me to be his wife. His words were, “You are my best friend, and there would be no greater gift than to have you as my best friend for the rest of our lives,” and of course after I stopped hysterically crying, I said yes!!!! I don’t think I will ever receive a more special Christmas gift in my life.

Image 1 of Brianna and Brandon

Image 2 of Brianna and Brandon