Brianna and Brandon

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How We Met

We met at his house on the 4th of July. Two of our friends were dating at the time and had previously tried to set us up. So I thought this was the perfect opportunity for us to get to know each other. I didn’t factor in that it was his party so he would be running around all day. We didn’t actually speak until 1am that night, when I pulled him aside and asked about his tattoos since he was wearing a sleeveless Batman tank. We talked for almost an hour before I got pulled away by a friend and needed to leave suddenly. I had to leave so quickly, that he, being the shy person he is, forgot to ask for my number. That night we both texted our friends about each other so much that they got frustrated and just sent each other the other persons number. And then it began with a text: “Hey Batman”

how they asked

It was the day after I completed my first year of medical school and Brandon told me to keep it completely open to celebrate the occasion. I woke up to breakfast, and two hours later he informed that he had planned a fun “game “ today. He handed me an enveloped titled Clue 1 and told me that I would be traveling by myself to 4 places, based on 4 clues I would get through out the day. He then left.

The first clue said the place we had our first dinner date. I first got dressed and headed to Red Rooster in Harlem, the place I believed to be the answer. There my best friend was waiting with the first gift: a book of 1,437 times we said I love you to each other in texts- the amount of days we knew each other. I almost cried and couldn’t imagine making it to the next three stops. Well I did, and the second clue was where we had our longest conversation, just under the stars: an old friends roof of the apartment. There I found two friends who gave me my next gift: A bed of daffodils (special to us), 205 exactly to represent the amount of weeks we knew each other.

The next clue was describing the intersection he often traveled to in order to meet me: 34th and 11th. We had done long distance for two years and he would take a megabus up to Boston to visit me on the weekends. A friend met me there with an album of 47 pictures of us smiling together, a smile that changed both of our lives 47 months ago. And so with that I got the last clue: a place we spent every anniversary.

The answer was Brooklyn Tap House. I traveled down to Brooklyn, and found two friends there with a gift of 4 bottles of sand, collected from our various trips to represent the years we have been together. After a much needed snack (sweet potatoe fries and a drink!). They blindfolded me and took me to the place my fiancé and I first met. After they untied the blindfold he was on one knee asking me the easiest question I have ever had to answer. After that day down memory lane, of course I said yes !

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