Brianna and Andrew

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How We Met

Our love story began in Washington, DC in 2016 when we met as neighbors living in a Dupont Circle apartment building. I had recently graduated from a DC college and was working as an analyst for the Department of Justice. Andrew had grown up in DC, returned after college and was well established in his career as a commercial real estate broker in the DMV area. As far as we know, we may have crossed paths throughout the city at restaurants, nightclubs, or sporting events during the four years I was in school and while Andrew was building his career prior to us meeting as neighbors.

When we met, we were both involved in other relationships and our interactions consisted of small talk in the lobby or at the pool. A year later, as the DC summer was heating up, we discovered we were both newly single. Our friendship developed throughout the summer, going out in groups of friends, lounging by the pool and working out together.

As our feelings for one another grew, our timeline as a couple remains debatable. On many occasions, I thought I was having dinner or going on adventures with a friend. Andrew, however, considered each event as a date. I was reluctant to explore my feelings towards Andrew out of concern I’d lose him as my best friend and fearful our dynamic as friends/neighbors would become awkward if we didn’t work out as a couple. We danced around our “relationship status” for some time, but neither of us could deny the strong connection we both knew we shared.

The turning point in our relationship occurred when I finally recognized my feelings for Andrew had progressed past friendship and into love. As soon as I realized how strongly I cared for him, I summoned the courage to divulge my true feelings. Much to my relief, the feelings were mutual, thereby establishing #us! Although our love evolved gradually over time, it’s been full speed ahead ever since!

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how they asked

We recently relocated to Miami when a fantastic career opportunity for Andrew suddenly arose and it’s been Paradise since day one! We’re fully embracing the beautiful weather with swimming, snorkeling, fishing, biking, and running by the ocean every day! On a recent Friday evening, our plan was to do a beach run together after work, as we often do. While I was prepping for the run, I noticed Andrew was pacing around the apartment (unbeknown to me, he was timing our departure to coincide with sunset).

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While we ran to the nearby pier, Andrew kept his eyes firmly locked with mine. Little did I know, he was ensuring I wouldn’t spot our family members hiding along the beach path. Upon reaching the pier, we stopped and began stretching. While stretching, I discreetly snapped a few photos of Andrew, not recognizing that he was secretly fumbling for the ring box in his pants pocket!

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As Andrew turned to face me, he asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. My jaw dropped in the happiest state of shock as he dropped to one knee and proposed! After I answered with a resounding YES, we embraced with a heartfelt kiss and lots of excitement! Andrew spun me around and pointed to the second surprise. He had arranged for both of our families to fly to Miami to witness the proposal and celebrate our engagement! We all enjoyed celebratory champagne in a beachside cabana followed by a candlelit, ocean view dinner with our loved ones.

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Every day spent with Andrew by my side is a fairy-tale full of love and surprises! Although our love story developed gradually, it has been built on a rock-solid foundation of love, trust, loyalty, and friendship. The magical moments of our May 4, 2018 proposal will be forever stamped upon my heart and I am truly looking forward to spending the rest of my life with Andrew!

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