Brianna and Alexander

Where to Propose in Athens, GREECE

How We Met

alexander and I met at the gym about 4 years ago when my friend introduced us to each other. I immediately felt a great connection between us, and we became close friends over the following months. I was in a bad relationship, and Alex became my sounding board and my best friend. It was clear to me that Alex was the one for me when we went and saw John Mayer together for our first real date and sang and danced our hearts out together. After that the rest was history.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Athens, GREECE

How They Asked

Alex’s family is from Greece and wanted to take me to meet his extended family in Crete. This trip was our first international trip together, but I was so excited to meet his grandmother, aunts, uncles, and many cousins in another country. The trip took lots of planning, we wanted to go to Athens, Santorini, and spend most of our time in Crete to be with his mother’s family. When it was finally time for us to travel, we flew into Athens in the afternoon on August 9th with his mother. We checked into our Airbnb and wanted to cram in as much as possible in Athens since we were leaving for Crete in the morning. I really wanted to see the Acropolis so we made that our first stop. We dropped our stuff in our room and took off immediately!

When we got to the Acropolis we had to climb up to the top and go under the arches to see it. Experiencing this wonder of the world together was an amazing experience. We walked over to the side of the Acropolis a little away from the tourists to see a beautiful view of all of Athens. He asked his mom to take our picture, but she was taking a video! I stood with him waiting to take our picture, and he grabbed my hands and said, “this is where my roots are from, and I want to begin our roots here too”. He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!! I cried out yes! This made our trip not only the most memorable trip ever, but it was amazing to meet and celebrate with his family as fiancés.