Brianna and AJ

How We Met: AJ and I met in high school. We both went to Seguin High School. The beginning of his freshman year (my sophomore year) he dislocated his shoulder and had to have surgery for it. After his surgery, Aj made a post on Facebook saying if anyone wanted to visit or text him they could, because he could not hang out with his friends as much as he wanted since he just had surgery. Along with the post he made on Facebook, he included his number for anyone who wanted to text him. Aj and I were only friends on facebook. We had never spoken to each other before. Well, I decided to be kind and text him to wish him a fast and healthy recovery! After that one text message, we did not stop talking. We talked for days and those days turned into weeks. He became my goodnight and good morning call, I loved talking to him. We instantly understood each other and clicked right away. Although we both had recently went through a break up, our feelings for each other were only growing and growing. We started to hang out more, go to lunch together, walk to each others classes and meet after classes. Around the month of October, we started talking more about dating. We knew we liked each other, we knew what we had was more then talking and texting on the phone. AJ asked me to be his girlfriend on October 10th, 2010. That date is easy enough to remember, huh? Ever since, I have fallen more and more in love with the man who dislocated his shoulder and lead me to text him. Til this day, he always reminds me that He will never regret dislocating his shoulder because if it wasn’t for that we would have never been brought together. Now we are almost close to celebrating 5 years of being together and it is a phenomenal feeling.

Image 1 of Brianna and AJ

how they asked: When we came back from walking on the beach, Aj stopped me and said stand right here and the first thing I said was why, what are you doing? Then he grabbed this seashell from the sand where we had built a heart and held it in his hand and started singing the first verse of “Then” by Brad Paisley. At that very moment, I was crying histerically because I could not believe this was happening. It was so unreal. He opened the seashell and I couldnt even see the ring because of all the crying! I was shaking and so shocked, everyone on the beach started clapping and all I could do was smile and cry. Turns out the whole family was all in on the surprise and knew we were not going to the Selena festival instead they planned the perfect proposal!