Briana and Vincent

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How We Met

Vincent and I both grew up spending our summers and weekends with our families at our summer homes in the Poconos. It wasn’t until 7 years ago when we met at a mutual friend’s graduation party at the community pool in Pennsylvania. I’m not sure how we both went over 20 years without meeting each other, but God works in mysterious ways and the timing was meant to be. Fast forward 7 years later and here we are, soon-to-be husband and wife. What makes our relationship so special is not only the special bond and connection we share together but the way our families are so similar and joining together as one family is going to be amazing.

How They Asked

Vincent knows how much I love to watch wedding proposals. Seriously, I cry watching random proposals on YouTube with my mom, which led him to want to make our proposal as special and perfect as he could. He definitely succeeded because it was the most incredible night surrounded by our family and friends. He tricked me into thinking we were going on a tour of the Saint George Theater, in Staten Island, NY followed by a wine and cheese event. Upon arriving at the theater, Vincent was hooked up to a microphone – I was told we were the 5th group of the day for the tour and they were going to use us to film a mini commercial for their website advertisement. I totally believed it and was excited for 5 minutes of fame. Little did I know after the tour of the incredible artwork and architecture, I would be brought onto the most beautiful candlelit stage with 200 long-stem roses and 2,200 rose petals. After Vincent popped the question, in what I thought was an empty dark theater, the lights went on and there was our family and friends watching from the balcony. We then celebrated together in a private mezzanine overflowing with Italian baroque details. Vincent’s idea of planning this moment at the saint George Theater made our proposal the most intimate proposal full of love.

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