Travis and Briana

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How we met

Travis and I met in high school (2009), his junior year and my freshman year. We shared a Spanish class together and only sat a few seats apart. If you ask Travis, he will tell you the moment I walked in the door it was love at first. If you asked me I’d have to say I was too stubborn to notice that what was right in front of me would soon be the love of my life. During class he would try and talk to me but I would just go about my school work. It never went much farther than that. Until the following year, when we both were randomly assigned to assist the same teacher during our free period. During this class we spent much of our time getting to know it other. About 6 months later he finally asked me to be his girl friend. We went on to go to prom together and watched each other graduate from high school. Little did we know this was just the begging of the many life experiences we would share together.

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how they asked

I had just come home from work and Travis had a bouquet of sunflowers waiting for me on the windowsill. He then asked if I wanted to go get ice cream. We live in a downtown area with a ice cream shop two blocks away that we go to probably more than we should. Usually I am the one bugging him to take me but today I was just too tired. He insisted we go now, and well, I really love ice cream so it didn’t take much for him to talk me into going. When we arrived I couldn’t decide what flavor I wanted, so I began to try a few. One at a time with Travis walking behind me I dragged on our walk to the second cooler.

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As we finally made it to the end of all the choices I looked at the last flavor option and it read “WILL YOU MARRY ME?” Confused, I turned around to find Travis on one knee holding a beautiful ring.

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I began to cry and covering my face in shock Travis stood up and gave me a hug and said “Well is that a yes?” I began to giggle and said “YES!”

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After we spent a few moments together (both too overwhelmed to eat ice cream now) talking about how planned this whole thing, we decided to call our parents. We all met up at a nearby restaurant to share the good news and as family we began celebrating the happiest moment of our life.

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