Briana and Tony

How We Met

We both attended the same internship after high school. He went before me since he’s older. I didn’t know anything about him other than he played the guitar. Years later, he found me on Instagram and wished me a happy birthday. We never stopped talking from there! We met up in person (had to meet halfway because we lived in different cities) and months later he moved to San Antonio Texas with me!

How They Asked

We knew we wanted to get married in 2020. Since January I had no idea he even has a ring. With all the quarantine (corona) chaos, I thought for sure we would have to postpone what we wanted. BUT NOPE! he told me our friend wanted to take some pics of us and drove me to the pearl. We started to take some photos and he got done on one knee and asked! I was literally so surprised! It happened just the way I would have dreamed.

Proposal Ideas The Pearl in San Antonio Texas