Briana and Timothy

Image 1 of Briana Akia and Timothy

How We Met

I spent years on Tinder where I would get arrogant guys looking for everything but commitment. I ended up deleting Tinder and switched to Bumble. I loved everything bumble stood for. The number one reason being women had the control. After creating an account a few slides in I found this guy from Delco ( if you are unaware a small area outside of Philadelphia, PA where some say it’s the best place ever) we talked for about a month before meeting up at a Flyers game and I could just tell this man was a genuine as it gets and I felt comfortable to meet up with him. Boy was I right! I dreamt of a man like him my entire life. I instantly knew this man would be a part of me for the rest of my life. GO FLYERS!

How They Asked

We traveled to Martha’s Vineyard with my family for our summer vacation. My sister and brother in law had been there multiple times and wanted to show us the history and beauty of the island. One day we traveled by car the whole day and seeing multiple beaches and light houses which was phenomenal! My brother in law on the way to dinner was like let’s stop by one more light house it’s right by the restaurant. As we’re walking on this small path to the lighthouse I just had a feeling he was going to propose so I quickly glanced at his back pocket and I saw nothing so was like ehhh not a big deal. Once we got to the end, Tim was like let’s get a picture which we did ( serious and funny of course) and that’s when he kneeled and told me he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me in front of my family. The biggest surprise and my 5 year old nephew, Eli, kept it a secret for months.