Briana and Ruben

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How We Met

We met through Ruben’s sister Christina who became my best friend freshman year of College. It was close to the holidays, I had gone over her house so that we could both exchange early Christmas presents with each other and he had just got off work.

He entered the house and I was sitting on the couch with her and her sister a few years younger. He gave a quick hello and funny enough he actually thought I was his younger sisters friend rather than the older one.

He was actually attending the same college, just a year ahead and we would hang out in between classes being that it was a familiar face. Through our crazy conversations and endless jokes we both knew there was a spark between us and officially started dating a year later.

how they asked

We had been planning to go to the Botanical Gardens in the city over the summer since I had always mentioned to him how beautiful it was when I once went with his sister. I had also been raving about this one rose garden that had looked like a magical scene from Alice in Wonderland that we had to check out.

When the day arrived for us to go, we typed in Botanical Gardens, New York in our GPS and were off on our way. Once we made it to the location, I noticed it looked a little different from the last time I had gone. Some parts were under construction, certain sites looked different, but I figured it was just part of the place I had not seen.

Nevertheless, we were enjoying the greenery around us when he then asked me to take him to the rose garden I had mentioned to him. He also asked me a strange random question, “Bri, If someone were to be knighted, what knee are they suppose to get down on?” I thought it was a little fishy but I had brushed it off.

As we were making our way to the rose garden, we started to hear thunder rumbling which meant we better visit it and get out quick! Once we rushed to the rose garden, I noticed it had also looked different, but it was actually way more enchanting!

I then looked up in my phone quickly to found out there were actually two different Botanical Gardens in New York and we had gone to the wrong one! He then seemed a little jittery and started to nervously ramble to me about how special our relationship has been to him over the years while at the same time the thunder was picking up in sound.

He asked me to check the weather on my phone quickly to make sure we’d get out in enough time before it started to rain. As I was, I saw him in the corner of my eye getting down on one knee and saying “Will you marry me, Bri?” My hand immediately went up to my mouth as I started to laugh cry realizing how surreal the moment was with him on his knee at the same time as it was about to pour down on us in the middle of a bunch of roses.


I had almost forgot to answer him.


He had to ask me if it was a yes and I said “Of course!” It was a very magical moment and I
would not have wanted to change when or where it was for the world!!