Briana and Robert

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How We Met

Robbie and I met about 6 years ago at spring break in Newport Beach, CA when I offered to take him and his friends on a beer run. He will joke that in that moment he knew I was the one…

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how they asked

It was the weekend before I was going to start back up at work here in Las Vegas (I have summers off) and he insisted we go up to Washington as it was opening bird hunting season and to visit his mother and step dad. I put up a fight about it in the weeks before and even on the airplane ride there because I had so much to prepare before work started up again. Once we touched down in Washington all of a sudden we had “plans” to visit a special winery with some family friends. We sat on the back patio drinking wine, eating fancy cheese, laughing, enjoying each-others company, and the beautiful view. My future mother in law insisted we take a picture with the gorgeous back drop when Robbie agreed it would be a good idea I did find that a little odd (as he hates taking pictures) but still had no idea what was about to happen! As we leaned into each other I could feel his heart beating out of his chest. I asked if he was ok, and he smiled, took his sunglasses off, reached into his pocket, took out a little piece of cloth, and wrapped inside was something sparkly!

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He got down on one knee and simply asked “Briana will you marry me?!” I couldn’t contain my happy tears and to this day I’m not sure if I said yes!

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Special Thanks

Julie Jones
 | Our "photographer"