Briana and Oaty


How We Met

Oaty and I met in college at CCSU through mutual friends. Freshman year I saw him from across the dining hall and commented to my new friend at the time (now my best friend!) how hot I thought he was. She instantly called him over and introduced us. I was so embarrassed! They had gone to high school together and was the best friend of her then boyfriend. Years passed, and we both dated other people. After one particularly bad break up, I was at the bar with my best friend and her boyfriend and told them I had sworn off men forever. They said “Not so fast…Remember Oaty? He’s single now too…you sure you don’t want us to give him your number?” I joked by saying “He would be the only exception I would make.” Well, the next day he texted and invited me to dinner. And the rest is history… :-)

how they asked


My fiancé Oaty proposed to me on my 25th birthday, April 13, 2016. We met three and a half years prior at college in Connecticut. Oaty made the proposal special in every way possible. He purchased the ring last June. I am an elementary school teacher, so that October my family brought up the idea of planning a vacation for my Spring Break, since my birthday would fall during that week. We decided to book our vacation for St. Lucia. On the night of my birthday, there was a private dinner set up on the beach for my family and I. After dinner, Oaty gave me a card. In the card he wrote a checklist of all the things he had done to prepare. 1. Ask the father. 2. Invite the family. 3. Film it. 4. Get a big rock!
It was then he got down on his knee and asked me to marry him. (Obviously I screamed “yes!”) Not only was the ring absolutely perfect, but he also made 100% of the box it came in. He even carved the Irish Claddagh into it. He replaced some of the stones in the ring with emeralds to give it what he calls “a little bit of Irish flair.” Little did I know this proposal had been in the works since before we even booked the trip! I cannot believe I got so lucky to be able to spend the rest of my life with such an amazing man! :-)


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