Briana and Nico

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How We Met

We both had a mutual friend. We met online because I was stalking his Facebook page. He was being tagged in a bunch of posts by his friend and I thought he was cute. Later I stumbled upon his tinder profile and his description was sweet because he was actually looking for a relationship unlike most guys I knew and was very family oriented. Then I saw that he was in a relationship on Facebook, and I panicked!

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After a month I finally got the courage to message him on Facebook, saying you’re on tinder and you have a girlfriend? He told me it was an old account and he was a very loyal man. Weeks later I heard back from him and he had broken up with his girlfriend. Even before I met him in person just chatting on messenger, I felt I liked his personality and I was eager to meet him.

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how they asked

After a long day of work I headed over to his place for movie night. After we got done watching TV we headed upstairs for bed, but he just wasn’t that tired yet. We stayed up chatting about stuff like our future while we cuddled in his bed. I noticed something was up when he wouldn’t stop smiling. So I asked him, “Is there something you want to tell me?” And that’s when it happened. He told me that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. He got on one knee and took out the ring and said… “Before I ask the question, and before you give me an answer, there’s something you need to see.” He proceeded to show the proposal video…

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Our Video

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