Briana and Nick

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How We Met

Nick & I met in college during a fashion show. Although I knew he wanted to talk to me for a whole year before we actually spoke because one of his best friends used to bug me in class about him every day! He was a football player so I wanted nothing to do with him & what came with that. It was finals week when my friend & I went to a kickback at that same friend’s room when nick finally talked to me. In typical fashion by him he teased me the whole time.

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It was a literal depiction of when they tell you if a boy teases you at the playground he probably likes you. My friend was leaving so I went to walk her back to her dorm & he insisted on walking us back. I was fully aware of what he was doing & I told him no but he was very persistent. After we brought my friend to her room, I told him he could go to his dorm I was fine to walk back. We ended up at this bus stop & spoke for hours outside. Eventually, I caved & we had our first kiss. We spoke every single day from that first kiss. It’s been 8 years since & we’ve created so many memories, traveled, and we added a beautiful fur baby our 6-year-old pitbull!

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How They Asked

A couple of weeks before our 7th anniversary, Nick told me he was going to fly us somewhere but he would only tell me the weather so I knew what to pack. I had a feeling he was going to propose while we were on the trip, which was obviously exactly how Nick wanted me to think. The day before we left, nick insisted on going into the city for drinks to start celebrating early. I was so tired from work I kicked my feet the whole time but we ended up going anyway.

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He took me to a Harry Potter-themed bar because he knows I’m obsessed it was so much fun. We left & headed for the train to go home (so I thought) when nick jumped up at canal street & said we’re getting off let’s go. We ended up at this immersive museum called the Color Factory. In one of the rooms called the balloon room, Nick handed the attendant his phone asked her to take a picture. As we stood for the pic, he started telling me how he loved me & then dropped down.

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Nick plays all day so my immediate reaction was to say “No what are you doing stop playing.” Once I realized he wasn’t getting up & saw the box I started balling. The next day I still didn’t know where we were going & nick kept it that way even at the airport!

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Finally, at the gate, I realized we were going to Charlotte, NC his hometown. As we walked down the aisle of the plane my mom stood up in her seat & tears fell again! Once we arrived in Charlotte he surprised me 3 more times with my aunt, my maid of honor, and my other bridesmaid. The next day we had the most love-filled amazing engagement party & it was the best weekend of my life!

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