Briana and Marc

How We Met

Marc and I met while working at Starbucks. I was one of his shift supervisors and helped train him. I remember the first day i saw his name on the schedule and asked who he was and about his interesting last name. Then a day or two later I met him in the back room as I was clocking in. He had this amazing smile and a cute beachy/bowl hair cut. After getting to work with him several times a crush developed. I thought he was super funny, attractive and kind. One day i was stocking coffee and chatting with him while he was making a drink, and in walked a girl that turned out to be his girlfriend. My heart broke. we continued to be good friends, and that girl made the biggest mistake of her life, but best for mine, buy letting him go a few months later. During his time of healing we were still friends, and started to hang out more and more. One night when i went by his house with my best friend Brooke to pick up my tips, he asked me out on a date. It was the best date of my life, and was the beginning of our love story.

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how they asked

Fast forward a year, we started dating, shared our first kiss on the ferris wheel at the del Mar Fair, met each others families, and then on a random Thursday my life changed. We had talked about getting married, we knew it was what would happen, but never really talked about a time line. We had only been officially dating for 6 months.
Thursdays are my day off from work, and at the time was the day we would spend together. I would hang out with my mom in the morning and get coffee and our nails done every other week. Marc made sure his plan would take place on such a thursday. I texted him some color options and he chose a creamy white/ivory color. Later he told me it was because it would make my ring pop!

After getting my nails done, I met Marc at his house where he was doing homework. He then took me to lunch at Tender greens in Point Loma (where we had our first date, but I was obliviously to the significance, I was just hungry!) Then we went to Sea port village to walk around, and he bought me a jacket because i left mine at home, and going back for it wasn’t in his plans. he shared with me that he had planned an early Christmas present for us! We got a couple’s massage at the Palomar hotel downtown. It was amazing! And seriously needed for the way work had been lately.

We then went to Coronado to “take a picture for his sister.” And for whatever reason, i didn’t think it was a weird request from a 10 year old! So we got to the beach and walked out onto the sand. It had been stormy for a couple days and the tide was super low. the beach was completely empty except for us and a few people walking dogs in the distance.

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The waves were super fierce and the sky grey, but then the sun started to break through, and Marc pulled me into his arms and hugged me and started telling me all these sweet things. then he started getting lower than me, and that’s when i knew he was about to propose! he knelt down and asked me to marry him. i said “is this for real?!” he looked a little taken aback and said “yesss…” I was crying and said YES! and we hugged and cried together. Then he said “Do you want to see the ring?” I was so excited and had so many tears, i couldn’t see it clearly for a moment, and when i did it was the most perfect ring ever. he designed it himself for me, and had personal touches that blew me away. then he said “there will be so many moments from here on out that our friends and family are all going to be a part of, but this one, I wanted to just be us.” i loved it! I always thought i would want a secret photographer, or all our friends and family there, but the way Marc proposed, it was perfect.

We then called some family, and drove to show some other family, and facetimed some family and friends to share with them our news. December 19th will forever be one of my favorite days.

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