Briana and Luca

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Westfield River Brewery

How We Met

Luca and I met when my roommate dragged me out of the house to meet up with a guy she had been dating. If anyone knows me they know I definitely was not interested in this idea. All she kept talking about was his friend is so cute, he just bought a puppy blah blah blah. I was totally not feeling it but to be a good friend I decided to tag along. We showed up at his place for drinks before we went out. No one actually formally introduced Luca and I so here I am chatting up what I thought was Luca but was actually one of his best friends how embarrassing. When we finally went to the bar I started to realize wow maybe this guy is kinda cool. So I tried to do my flirty thing but he totally was not interested!

He ran around the bar talking to everyone in sight and I thought to myself well that was a waste of a good outfit. He asked me for a ride back to his house so I obliged. On that car ride, I realize that this guy would be the man I was going to marry. Call me crazy I know. We agreed on absolutely everything. We talked about kids, our dreams our goals and just about everything in between. We continued talking until 4 am with not even a single kiss I was worried. Maybe I am crazy? Until the next morning when fate struck and his best fiend left his phone in my car. Aha, I thought now I can call him. Since then the rest is history.

how they asked

Luca proposed to me 3 years later on his 30th birthday. I party that I had been planning pretty much since we met. He took me totally by surprise. Even though my inner control freak hoped he would ask me there. All of our closest friends and family were in attendance and it truly was the perfect night.