Briana and Kody

Briana's Proposal in Shucks Corn Maze and Pumpkin Patch

How We Met

I met Kody in the fall of 2016 through a mutual friend who thought we would make a good couple. That fall, this mutual friend had us over to his new apartment. The first time we hung out, we barely talked; we were both so shy when it came to dating. At the second get together, our mutual friend told Kody I was interested, and by the end of the night, he asked for my number.

how they asked

I woke up on October 7, 2017, thinking it was just a normal day of going to the pumpkin patch. Growing up in the Midwest, my family started a tradition of going to the pumpkin patch every year since I was born, and it means a lot to me. That morning, Kody told me we were going to take some pictures; which was not out of the ordinary since I love taking pictures. By saying this, he knew I would dress nicely too. Kody’s entire family was planning on going with us, but they told me we had to drive separately, so his sister rode with us. The ride to the pumpkin patch seemed to take forever; I later found out that his sister was taking us the long way on purpose. When we got to the pumpkin patch, his parents were waiting for us, and they said that our admittance was free. We immediately started to head towards the fields where we realized it was a little muddier than we thought, and I had worn my white converse. At first, I started to get upset about my shoes, but Kody reassured me and we continued around the pumpkin field. On the far side of the field, I suddenly noticed that his family had fallen behind us. Kody said, “let’s go look at this pumpkin here.”

Once he had my attention, he turned me to face him, and he said, “can I ask you something?” I immediately started crying, this was the most perfect moment and a dream come true, I couldn’t believe my best friend was about to ask me to marry him. Kody said a sweet speech, and then he got down on one knee. After the proposal, we headed back to the entrance of the pumpkin patch, and there were flowers, props for pictures, and a sign that read “She Said Yes!”

For the rest of the afternoon, we took pictures around the pumpkin patch. Now, every year, on our engagement anniversary, Kody and I plan to go back to the same pumpkin patch where he asked me to spend forever by his side.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Shucks Corn Maze and Pumpkin Patch

Special Thanks

Kristin Linder
 | Planning
Kelcey Linder
 | Photographer