Briana and Joe

How We Met: Joe and I are from San Diego, CA and met in 9th grade after his first varsity football game. His cousin was my best friend so over the years, we were friendly and acquainted with one another at family birthday parties and trips to the movies. Yet, oddly we were never single at the same time! Then senior year of high school rolled around and we realized we finally had the chance so he leaped at the idea of a first date the Summer before our first year of college!

how they asked: Back in 2010, I was attending my first year of college in Brooklyn and Joe was attending college in Philadelphia. We had walked the Brooklyn bridge during a visit one weekend he had to NYC and we stumbled upon a proposal happening. I was floored by it and thought it was the sweetest thing. I said, “I hope that happens to me one day!” 5 years later he still remembered, so on our anniversary he took me on a walk over the Brooklyn Bridge and convinced me to take a picture with him and the beautiful skyline. Little did I know, he had asked the friendly pedestrian to do a video. I smiled for the picture and he turned to me with a box and everything was a blur till he slid that ring on my finger!