Briana and Greg

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How We Met

Gregory and I met at work, he was actually my boss! He was on vacation when I first started so at first I had no clue who he was!

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how they asked

From Briana It happened in March of 2017 and it was a Friday afternoon. We drove to Lake Erie and the weather was beautiful! We spent the day exploring and ended by the water on some huge rocks to lounge and relax. He was acting very strange when we got there. I asked him several times if he was okay!

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We were getting up to call it day and drive back home and then he stopped me and grabbed on for a hug. As we were standing there I could see his shadow from the sunshine and I saw him reaching for something and then before I knew it he kneeled down and said “Would you marry me?” I was thinking in my head “It’s about damn time!”

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From Gregory So before Briana ever had any ideas about me actually going out and purchasing a ring I needed one thing. I needed permission from her mother to ask for her daughters hand in marriage. Briana’s mother and I went out to our yearly Star Wars movie premier. After the movie ended I was sitting out in a parking lot talking to her mom. I asked her mother to marry her beautiful girl and the tears poured from her face. It was an easy yes. From that point on I saved plenty of money to purchase her dream ring and think I did a great job if I don’t say so myself. Briana was the only one out of hundreds of people that had no idea this was going to happen that day.

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