Briana and Garrett

Engagement Proposal Ideas in McGrail Winery

How We Met

I met Garrett in Highschool through my best friend. He was the hottest guy I had ever seen (he keeps getting better with time). We were friends and have many memories before he officially asked me to be his girlfriend 10 years ago on May 6th 2008. We were at his mom’s house in the living room and said: “Do you trust me?” He walked me outside to front and said “Wait here”. The garage door opened and he walked out with the biggest bouquet of roses and the rest is history. #hesmyhighschoolsweetheart

how they asked

This day was a dream come true. He said he had something for us to do and I assumed it was for my birthday since my golden birthday was coming up “28 on the 28th” since we would be in Mexico on Vacation during that time. We woke up and made breakfast that morning, he even went to the store for mimosas! I started getting ready and didn’t know what to wear, so I tried on 2 options and asked him which one (I had no idea he took pics and sent them to my sister to ask which one I should wear) melt my heart. He said he couldn’t decide but all along was waiting for a reply from my sister (who lives in New York). He finally said wear the dress and that the uber would be here in 15 minutes. We were on our way headed to Livermore with road sodas (Mimosas) I started thinking maybe we are going to go wine tasting.

Briana and Garrett's Engagement in McGrail Winery

We did just become a member at McGrail Winery recently. Before I knew it he said here put this bandana over your eyes (which he had in his pocket the whole time) So I did very confused. Again he said “Do you trust me?” and got me out of the car. He kissed me and took off the blindfold and turned me around to all my family and friends standing there yelling SURPRISE!!! I was shocked and immediately got teary-eyed, he said babe look over there and out walks my sister holding sunflowers (WHO WAS SUPPOSED TO BE IN NEW YORK) and I lost it. We hugged and cried all while Garrett was getting down on one knee behind me.

Special Thanks

Bill Doody
 | Photographer