Briana and Dustin

Image 1 of Briana and DustinHow We Met: We met about 5 years ago, through a girl I worked with (they were in a relationship). They would go on double dates with my now ex boyfriend and I.

As most friendships do, we all lost contact and later ended both relationships we were in. About 1 year and a half ago, after coming across each other on Instagram, we made plans to have dinner and drinks one night.

It was perfect.. And every day and night since then we were inseparable. It was love at first sight.. (Or was it second sight?) We soon after moved in together.

Him, my daughter and I becoming one big happy family. I already love him with all of my heart, but if it’s even possible, every time I watch him and our daughter Saylei together I fall deeper and deeper in love.

how they asked: September 18th, Image 2 of Briana and Dustin2105 was our one year anniversary, and my 25th birthday was
September 21st, So he planned a 5 day and night get away to Dallas Texas to stay at the Omni Hotel.

It’s beautiful. It’s our favorite place because that’s where he took me for my birthday the year before when we started officially dating. Saturday, September 19th, he planned a helicopter ride around the dfw.

It was so romantic. The weather was perfect, and half way through the flight, the pilot turned off his headset and said he was turning stations to make sure it was okay to fly over downtown.

Gazing at the beautiful view, Dustin touches my arm and is holding a purple box. He says to me, “you know I love you right?” Unable to speak, I nodded my head in response as he opened the box. Sliding a ring on my finger he asked the question I’ve fantasized about since I was a little girl.. “Will you marry me?” After gaining my breath and collecting my thoughts I said (more like cried) “yes!” And that’s how it happened. That’s how the love of my life became my fiancé.

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