Briana and Dan

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How We Met

Dan and I met in high school back in 2010. He was my brothers best friend and a few years younger, but the moment we met I felt a connection that I had never experienced before. We found each other gravitating back to one another even though we were both hesitant to be together because of the circumstances. On the night we decided to be together and risk it all, I remember thinking that he was the one and this was going to be it. I am a pretty intuitive person, and my gut instinct was definitely right. No one I met ever could compare, to him or the feeling I have, being around him. *our astrological chart even says we were meant to be and it was written in the stars ;)

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Briana's Proposal in Cannon Beach, Oregon

We both share a love for photography and being creative, traveling, and living mindful lives. In high school, we would stay in on weekend nights reading and drinking tea, and everyone always called us old souls. Our love always felt much deeper than our ages, and being together just felt like it was the way it was supposed to be. I usually get sick of people pretty quickly, but with him, it only got better and being around him felt so natural and good. We truly are best friends and he has been my rock and calming force in my life for many years.

Briana and Dan's Engagement in Cannon Beach, Oregon

We dated continuously throughout high school, different colleges, graduate school and the work world and now we are engaged. We have been through so much since starting to date in high school… my health struggles, family stuff, normal life stuff, and our love has only grown and gotten better. We started dating as kids, and we are completely different people now compared to who we were back then, but our love is only better. It is pretty special that we fell in love in high school as kids, and our love has sustained so many changes and challenges. We both truly feel like we are each other’s soulmates, and there isn’t a way to describe what we have, its just a feeling.

how they asked

We have always loved traveling and adventuring, so this summer we went on a Pacific North West Trip. We spent a few nights in Cannon Beach, Oregon right on the beach and naturally we went to watch the sunset one night. Dan said he was setting up a time-lapse of the sunset, which is a pretty ordinary thing for him to do. He then told me he wanted to watch something and handed me his phone. He had me watch this video he made on the beach of our memories since 2010. I knew what was happening at this point, and at the end of the video it said: “you’ve been the one since the beginning.. and we only get better…will you be mine forever?”

He then got down on one knee and told me he loved me and wanted to be with me forever. While all of this was happening, he was secretly filming with his camera and a drone to capture this moment, when I thought he was just taking a time-lapse of the sunset. Luckily no one was on the beach, and it was a complete dream! He is extremely creative and talented, and I am so excited to have these memories on video forever.

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