Briana and Chris

How We Met

I was at an Alabama football game one day during April spending the day out with a couple of my girlfriends. Well, one of my friends had taken a picture of us and posted it on social media. At the time, me and my fiancé did not know one another. We had always had mutual friends, but still he no idea either of us had existed. Well, he saw the photo and instantly messaged my friend asking who I
was. He was desperate to know who I was. I didn’t really pay no attention to the guy, being as though I wasn’t really interested in being a relationship. So, after many attempts to try and get my number, I was like “sure, what harm could it do just to text the guy.”

So, once we started texting, I remember myself not very interested in texting him back or going out on a date (after multiple attempts to get me to go out with him) I just didn’t have any interest.

I finally gave in and took his offer to take me out to dinner. After that first date, we’ve been inseparable since. He seriously is now the love of my life.

how they asked

It was just a normal day (which was what I was thinking before everything happened). We went Christmas shopping at the mall that morning, then he took me to this very nice restaurant and spoiled me to have me get anything I wanted. So, we’re sitting at the table waiting to get our food and he tells me that he has a surprise for me.

Now, I am a photographer and I’m always doing photo shoots and shooting weddings and mainly always behind the camera.

Well, one of our really good friends is also a photographer. So, my fiancé says to me, “As one of your Christmas presents, Braxton (the photographer) is coming to do a photoshoot of us today when we go ice skating downtown.”

And right then and there, I BREAK DOWN CRYING. Don’t ask why but I LOVE pictures and my fiancé knows how passionate I am about Photography, so this was a HUGE deal for me. Me and him don’t have a lot of professional photos down just because it’s hard for me to be in them when I’m behind the camera.

So, after we finish eating lunch, we finally head downtown to go ice skating. Our friend finally gets there and he’s taking pictures of us ice skating and just having the time of our lives (which makes me extremely happy because I LOVE off guard pictures). Then we get into the couple photoshoot that I was promised.

We’re just walking around taking pictures and then we were getting towards the end of the photo shoot and the photographer suggested that I get a hand full of rose petals and have my boyfriend stand behind me with me facing away from him and then on the count of 3, throw the petals and turn around, look at him and smile.

Image 1 of Briana and Chris

When I turned around, it took me probably 30 seconds to realize what was going on. He was on one knee asking him to marry him and I busted out in tears.

Image 2 of Briana and Chris

Image 3 of Briana and Chris

Special Thanks

Braxton Brown
 | Photographer