Briana and Avery

How We Met

I already knew of him in high school through a friend of mine since we both grew up in the same county. In mid-2018, I saw him on Facebook as a “Friend You May Know” and thought he was cute so I sent him a friend request. Sending him that friend request caught his attention and he saw that he already followed me on Instagram and sent me a direct message. From there we began talking for a couple weeks but life got in the way for us. In January of 2019, he reached back out and went from there! Met up in person one day when he was visiting home!

How They Asked

This is the fun part!! We had a trip planned to my favorite place, Charleston SC, but the military got in the way and we had to cancel that trip. Then we scheduled a trip to Williamsburg VA since we are both history nerds, but COVID-19 got in the way, unfortunately. Both of these trips he had planned on proposing to me. On the actual day hiking trails opened back up in NC, he took his chance! We drove to Hawksbill Mountain in Linville to go hiking as it was a very beautiful, cool day. It was a two-mile hike straight up the mountain and he had to literally pull me to the top. When we got to the top, there were a few groups of people and he wanted to find an area where we would be alone. Still at this point, I didn’t understand why other than to enjoy God’s creation in quiet. When he found an area where we were a little secluded from the other people, we sat down and was simply talking. He got up and started walking to find a better place for us to enjoy the view… In reality, he was finding a flat surface on the top of the mountain. We stood on the flatter surface on the rock and I was looking out at the amazing view around me and he was behind me. He called my name and I turned around to see him on his knee holding out the most stunning ring. He asked if I would marry him and I said yes! (The thorough speech came later because he was so nervous that all the words he wanted to say became lost at the moment).



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