Briana and Andrew

How We Met: Briana and I met over 8 years ago in 2005. We started dating in high school, I was a Junior and she was a Freshmen.

We met at homecoming and I told a friend of ours how beautiful I thought she was. She got us together to dance and it’s been history ever since.Image 2 of Briana and AndrewImage 3 of Briana and AndrewImage 4 of Briana and Andrew
How I Asked: On the day I graduated from college, I had all of our friends and family in town. Since they were all in town for graduation I was able to play it off that they were just there for that. I took Briana to Howl at the Moon with everyone to celebrate and that is where it happened…

I was joined by the amazing Evan Taylor Jones who sang “Sunday Morning” by Maroon 5, I took her on to the dance floor and danced with her. Then, we he finished the song he mentioned he would do one more song but needed some help…by me.

I taught myself our song on the piano, “Love Song” our song was the 311 version but it is originally by The Cure. I went on stage and her parents grabbed a chair and sat her in front of me. As I began the song she knew exactly what was going on, especially because I had five people holding up a sign that said the main lyrics of the chorus, “I will always love you.”

I proceeded to sing the song with everyone filming and taking photos, as Evan and his band continued the instrumentals of the song I gave a short speech and got down on my knee. As I did this the sign holders flipped the signs to read “Briana, will you marry me?” She began to cry and said yes. Then a few people she didn’t know where there came out to congratulate us.

It was a magical night that we’ll never forget.

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