Briana and Alvaro

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How We Met

I meet him back in middle school. we were really good friends. I started noticing he kind of had a little crush on me but I didn’t want to make it seem like I knew. He asked me to go on a “date” to watch the first Transformers movie.(so I thought) little did I know it was going to be with all of his friends. lol, I totally thought he was putting me in the friend zone. Just when the movie was getting to the best part the reached in and held my hand. After that he asked me to be his girlfriend, I said yes of course.

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We were really young and things happened over the years, we dated several times after that. But for some reason, we’ve always made our way back to each other no matter what happened and always remained friends. My senior year in high school I moved and was just focusing on school. On Thanksgiving break, I texted him “happy thanksgiving”. He took it has I still wanted him lol. I’ve always had feelings for him and I was his first love. So feelings were very mutual and known. From there I knew he was the one, here we are 7 years later with a beautiful daughter and now engaged.

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how they asked

This was hands down the most nerve-racking/ exciting moment of our lives. I didn’t expect this to happen on this trip. As you know he’s a photographer and loves taking pictures, he always has me “modeling” for him lol so I really didn’t think anything of it when he told me to stand at the edge of the cliff and look out towards the view. As he put it on self-timer mode to get a photo of us together, he said he needed to fix the lighting (mind you he always does this) While a min went by I start to turn towards him to see what’s taking so long and as I look over at him. He had the biggest smile on his face as he was reaching into his jacket walking towards me. I’ve never seen him so nervous in all the years we’ve been together.

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He had the biggest smile and couldn’t stop laughing the whole time. (We both do this when we are nervous) He was shaking as he grabbed my hand and started telling me the sweetest words. When I saw him getting down on one knee, my knees completely buckled and I couldn’t stop smiling and shaking.

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I was in complete shock and couldn’t believe that he was really doing it. When he asked me to marry him, I said YES! Of course! But still couldn’t believe it and said: “Are you for reals right now?”? It was so perfect and beyond my wildest dreams! I couldn’t imagine it going any different! If there’s one thing I do know it’s that I love this man, fully and I’ve been ready to spend my entire life with him! It’s been such a wild journey watching each other grow up. I can’t believe I’m going to marry my best friend! I love you so much?

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My dad passed away about 18 years ago and it has always been really hard for me to think about this big moment/step in my life knowing he wouldn’t be here to witness or celebrate with when Alvaro was ready to propose. I’ve always imagined what he would say or do. I can only imagine. I couldn’t believe that we were engaged after all those years of being together. I just kept saying “we’re engaged!” over and over. The next morning same feeling still couldn’t believe it! I remember waking up wanting to call my family and then my dad came to mind.

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All I wanted was some kind of sign that he was there with me. (yes, I believe in signs everywhere) as we get to the black sand beach I tell him to take a picture of me holding an ice cube, not knowing there is a heart-shaped hole right through it. as I walk a little more down I’m waiting for him to take his photo, I see a heart shaped rock right in front of me, I get my ring and take a picture together. right as we are getting ready to leave I find another heart shaped rock. (I brought it back home with me). If that wasn’t enough we are on the road listening to Pandora heading to the blue lagoon. My dad’s song came on! I felt in my heart that, that was his way of giving us his approval and blessing. I love you dad.

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