Briana and Aaron

How We Met: Aaron was already performing at Pirate’s Voyage, a Dolly Parton Production in Myrtle Beach, when I started. I came in for my audition and Aaron just happened to walk by the office while I was speaking with the managers. We would flirt on stage calling it “character work,” but after about three months, our on stage connection became a real life one.

how they asked: Our engagement was truly a Fairytale! I mean it’s not everyday you get to say you’re a mermaid who is engaged to a pirate. Aaron had been planning it for about three months in advanced. He somehow managed to get my parents from Ohio in town as well as his parents from Colorado. It was on Monday July 21, 2014. We had already performed three shows that day, and we were finally performing our fourth and last show of the day. During the finale of the show I came up on a treasure chest as a mermaid. I continued to dance and wave at everyone like I normally do and then Aaron (as a pirate) jumped into the water and swam up to my treasure chest. I automatically knew something was up because that was not part of the show, but before I could even say anything all the lights went dark and there was a spot light just on us. Aaron swooped me up out of the water and placed me on top of the treasure chest and then a clam (that Aaron handmade) popped up out of the water, and in the clam was a pearl, and then inside of the pearl was the beautiful ring, and before I knew it, in front of over 1,100 people, Aaron was on one knee asking me to marry him.