Brian and Tony

How We Met

Tony and Brian first met through a mutual friend in 2011 in New York City when Brian was visiting from North Carolina. It was not until 2016 when Tony and Brian reconnected over Instagram. A few weeks later, Brian visited Tony in the city where they had their first date, dinner at The Mermaid Oyster Bar followed by the Broadway show, An American in Paris. The two dated long distance until Brian relocated to New York City in November 2017.

How They Asked

Tony proposed to Brian on the eve of Brian’s 30th birthday in May 2018, when they thereafter flew to Miami, FL on the next day to celebrate. Tony and Brian intended to fly to Barcelona, Spain on the next day to celebrate but unfortunately ran into an unexpected passport issue upon arrival at the airport. Though there were tears and heartbreak in the moment, Tony and Brian quickly planned a diverted trip to Miami, FL and it now makes for a funny — yet painful — story. Tony surprised Brian with the proposal and did it in their home. To get Brian out of the apartment, Tony told Brian he was stuck at work and that Brian had to drop Winnie off at a friend’s to watch her while they were in Barcelona. When Brian left the apartment, Tony already had picked up Brian’s favorite foods from around the neighborhood, and decorated the apartment with candles and strung lights, and when Brian returned from dropping off Winnie, Tony had a playlist ready to go and was on one knee.


Special Thanks