Taylor and Brian

How We Met

They grew up 5 blocks from each other, same elementary, middle, and high school, same church- and they never crossed paths…until Brian hired Taylor at Tour 18 Golf Course when she was 17…from there she moved to the Midwest and they never connected as they were dating other people and didn’t speak again for 15 years… On Feb. 12 2016 Taylor had just moved back to Houston and saw Brian at a charity event and recognized him from when he was her boss 15 years prior.

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After meeting him again and learning what an amazing man he was- what a kind person he was, how family oriented he was, how he beat cancer three times, how he was involved in over a dozen different charities, what a strong man of God he was… she knew she wanted him in her life-even if it was just as a friend. She tricked him into taking her on a date a week later, and after 6 hours of talking she came home and told her family- that is the man God created for me. A year later Brian proposed in Hallstatt, Austria on Feb 9, 2017-they cannot wait to to be united and start their own family!

Taylor's Proposal in Hallstatt, Austria

how they asked

We planned a trip through Europe in February 2016, which also happened to be our 1 year anniversary of “finding” each other again. We flew into Paris, took the train to Lake Geneva in Switzerland then to Zermatt, and then rode the Glacier Express through the Swiss Alp ( a big bucket list item for us!). We arrived in Austria, spent a few days in Innsbruck and decided to leave early for Hallstatt, Austria. On our way there we stopped by Stubaier Glacier and hiked to the top ( coldest I have ever been in my life!) and after we snapped a quick pick, began our hike down to avoid frost bite. The Glacier was such a beautiful and amazing experience.

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Taylor and Brian's Engagement in Hallstatt, Austria

At the very top at 3200 meters we were above the clouds- where you could see dozens of mountain tops peaking up from the mist, it was a spectacular day! We then continued our journey to Hallstatt, found a lovely bed and breakfast and decided to grab dinner in the restaurant at the hotel. We were enjoyed our dinner on the lake in moonlight and I excused myself to use the ladies room. When I returned to our table there was a little pouch on my plate with a fortune sitting on top. I picked up the fortune- it was something I had given to Brian last year when we started dating. It read “Golden investment opportunities are arising” – my last name is Golden so I thought it was cute, especially considering we were talking about our future at the time.

I said to Brian “You kept this?” he answered “Well what do you think the meaning is behind it…” I then opened the pouch to find my great grandmothers wedding ring-which is very special to me and what I had ideally wanted for my engagement ring. At that moment he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I think you can guess the answer ;) More details about our trip here.

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