Brian and Sarah

Brian's Proposal in Corey Ippolito Winery

How We Met

Brian and I met my Junior year of high school in 2014, on Super Bowl Sunday. A mutual friend gave him my phone number, and he decided to text me. I remember being so confused. There was a guy interested in me, who didn’t really know me very well -only from what our mutual friend said about me- and was trying his hardest to pursue me and take me on a date. One afternoon at lunch I was sitting with my friends asking them what they thought about this whole thing because to me, I thought it was a little weird. I trusted this guy, just because so many of my friends knew him and because of who introduced us, but still. My best friend told me “Go for it. You always say: What is the worst that’ll happen? It doesn’t work out?” So I took that information and ran. March 4th after successfully pursuing me, I said yes and I let him take me on a date, to Cheddars. I wouldn’t have ever thought that we would still be frequenter to Cheddars together, or that we’d be spending the rest of our lives together.

Proposal Ideas Corey Ippolito Winery

how they asked

On August 14, 2018, I flew to Florida to see my best friend for the week. Before leaving, I told Brian that this was a great opportunity for him to get my ring and to tell my Dad he was going to ask me. I knew that Brian had looked at rings, but that was the extent of my knowledge. When I came home, on August 19, Brian asked me if I wanted to do anything that Saturday before starting my last semester of college. Of course, the answer was yes!! BUT, there was one thing about our date. He told me it was a surprise, I needed to wear nicer clothes- a nice shirt or a dress, and he was not proposing so I shouldn’t get my hopes up because he doesn’t want me disappointed. I have wanted Brian to ask me to marry him for such a long time and I have bugged him so many times about it, that I took to heart what he said and knew he was being serious about not asking me.

The week went on and Saturday rolled around and I still had no clue where we were going! He told me I could pick where we went to dinner, so I picked Chili’s, one of my favorite places ever!! At dinner, he asked me if I knew what we were doing and I still honestly had no idea. After dinner we drove around for a little while, the suspense was growing and I was still SO confused!! I had no idea where we were going until we pulled up to the place, which was Corey Ippolito Winery in Blountville, we were going to wine taste!! I thought it was a little odd that Brian picked this as his surprise, but he was so sure when he told me he wasn’t proposing to me that I just went with it.

We walked into the tasting area, and the owner greeted us with a huge smile! Brian and I tasted about 8-10 wines before walking through the vineyards. At this point, I was arguing with the little voices in my head telling me that maybe he was going to propose! We walked through the area where people were dining, we walked through some of the vineyards, and we walked. And walked. And walked. At this point I was ready to leave, we had seen enough grapevines, they all look about the same. Right as I was about to tell Brian I was ready to leave, he told me there was a pretty gazebo area a little way down and wanted to take our picture over there, fair enough. As we made our way down to the area, I saw someone in the distance walking through the vineyard. My gut reaction told me that it was a friend of ours who takes pictures, but there was my head again telling myself “NO. He is not proposing tonight. He already told you this.”

When we got down to the gazebo, he told me to put down my purse and to take a picture of us. I took the picture and right before I turned around I looked up and saw our photographer friend! I whipped back around, threw my phone on the ground and squealed “I think I know what you are doing!!!!” At this moment, Brian got down on one knee. He pulled out a little ring box and asked me what I thought was inside. While crying, I told him to just open the box!

He opened the box and said ” Sarah, will you marry me?” I SAID YES!!!! I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with him! Little did I know that the week before, he told my Mom and Dad he was asking me and how he wanted to do it. He also walked through this vineyard with the owner and planned this whole proposal out. I am a hard cookie to surprise, and he succeeded!

Special Thanks

Samantha Bond
 | Photographer