Brian and Mary

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How we Met

I remember the first day I met Mary like it was yesterday. On April 20th, 2013, I was working one of my last few shifts at Famous Dave’s BBQ & Blues club. This particular shift would be a little different because I would be training my replacement. I was already nervous before Mary arrived because I had never trained anyone prior, but the moment she set foot in the restaurant those nerves shot through the roof. Standing in front of me was this gorgeous bombshell with the most beautiful and sincere smile. It didn’t take long for me to discover Mary’s sly wit and extra dosage of sass. Just under an hour into training, my AV skills (and my cool) were compromised as I attempted to get the company’s safety training video to play. She let me struggle for a moment before slyly asserting that the TV needed to be plugged into an outlet in order for the video to play. Thanks, Mary. For the remainder of the shift, I attempted to match her cool-as-a-cucumber personality by turning my charm on, despite my inner nerves.

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Years later I would find out that Mary too was trying her hardest to be smooth, and she thought I was the one with the effortless charm. Go figure. As the hours flew by, a profound chemistry unraveled between us. With all the flirting going on, I’m not sure any work or training was completed that evening. Even coworkers and managers alike gave me grief about the abundance of blushing and laughter happening between the new trainee and I. I knew there was something special about Mary. Somehow, I mustered up the courage to ask her out that night. She said yes. About an hour after clocking out, we shared our first kiss. Mary quotes her idol, Lucy Ball, to describe the day we met, “It wasn’t love-at-first-sight. It took a full five minutes.”

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how they asked

Brian is the most thoughtful person I have ever met in my life. He’s the kind of guy you dream about. It’s no surprise that for months, he planned the most extraordinary proposal down to a T. On October 20th, 2017 Brian arrived at my door with a bouquet of pink roses and a giant grin. He was picking me up for our long-awaited night out after a stressful week of midterms. What a dreamy date he planned for us. First, we’d visit Mill Ruins Park to take advantage of the gorgeous 75-degree weather for a picnic before making our way to the Guthrie Theatre to see Romeo and Juliet.

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Little did I know what my sweet Brian had in store. As we strolled hand-in-hand down the boardwalk at Mill Ruins Park, Brian set down the picnic basket and said, “let’s pause here for a moment.” This wasn’t just any date.

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“I don’t know if you know this,” he started, “but today is exactly four and a half years since the day we met.” Brian continued on with the most loving, wholehearted speech. I was frozen in time with bliss. My heart raced and tears of joy flew down my face as he got down on one knee with a purple box in hand and asked, “Mary, will you marry me?” In my shocked and blissful stupor, I responded: “of COURSE!”

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About twenty times before he even had a chance to open the ring box. I would later find out he had an audio recorder in his pocket, so we’re able to relive that joyous moment for the rest of our lives. When he finally got a chance to undo the bow and open the box, he revealed the most stunning and elegant ring I’ve ever seen.

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Once the hugging and kissing and tears settled, Brian turned to point out the amazing Julie Greer, the professional photographer he had hired to capture the proposal. The two had met on location weeks prior to find the perfect proposal spot, along with a backup site in case the weather didn’t co-operate. Talk about a pro-Julie remained incognito prior to the proposal as we strolled down the boardwalk by recruiting her daughter to make it appear that they were in the midst of a senior photo session.

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I am so thankful to have this beautiful day captured, all thanks to Brian and his incredible planning dexterity. I am absolutely elated. I get to marry the man of my dreams.

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Special Thanks

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