Katie and Brian

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How We Met

I used to be a little embarrassed to admit this, but Brian and I met on Tinder! I had just moved to Charlotte, NC for a new job and didn’t know anyone there, so I thought at the very least, it would be a way to meet some people. I wasn’t expecting to meet my future husband on my very first date in Charlotte, but that’s exactly what happened. Brian grew up in Charlotte, so he showed me around some different areas and we bar hopped a bit. We both felt a strong connection that night, and we’ve been together ever since!

how they asked

Brian had moved from Charlotte to Atlanta in November of 2015 after finishing his PhD and accepting his first “real job” there. I was able to join him there a few months later, and while I hoped that a proposal was coming sometime this year, Brian had mentioned waiting until after his birthday in August to propose. This was all just a trick so that I wouldn’t be expecting him to propose in May, a month before our two-year anniversary, when he did!

Saturday, May 7, 2016 started out as a normal day for me. I went to the gym in the morning, as I usually do, and came home to shower and get ready. I noticed that Brian was cleaning up around the house, but I thought that he was doing this because my parents were supposed to be coming to visit the following weekend. He kept bothering me about going for a walk at Chastain Park, and it was a beautiful day, so I eventually agreed. Still suspecting nothing, we drove to the park, and almost couldn’t find a place to park because there was a Derby party going on there.

We finally did park and started walking, and made it to my favorite part of the park, with swings overlooking a creek. We sat down on one of the swings, like we always do, and I still thought this was a regular walk at the part. Then Brian started saying some sweet things about us and our relationship, and he started to stand up from the swing. Only then did I realize that he was about to propose, and I couldn’t believe it! He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him, and I said, “Is this real?”

I couldn’t have been more shocked! He pulled out the ring and I still couldn’t believe that the man I love more than anything was proposing to me! I finally managed to say yes, and cried some happy tears, and then we flagged down a sweet lady walking her dog to take a few pictures of us to share with our families.

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Brian convinced me to wait until we got home to call our parents with the happy news, and once we did try to call them, no one would answer! I texted my parents, as I thought they were in Florida, and asked them to FaceTime us so we could see their reactions, and they finally did. They said that they were out boating and could only FaceTime us from the car once they came in from their boat, but they were actually in Atlanta already, helping set up for my surprise engagement party, and didn’t want me to realize from the background where they were! A few weeks in advance, Brian’s aunt and uncle, who also live in Atlanta, had invited us to a cookout that night, and even after Brian proposed, I still didn’t suspect anything else, as my parents weren’t planning on visiting us until the following weekend.

We arrived at Brian’s aunt and uncle’s house, and saw only Brian’s cousin’s car in the driveway, as expected, but I walked through the front door to hear “surprise!” and saw Brian’s parents, his brother, and another aunt and uncle, who had all traveled in from Charlotte to celebrate us! Then my parents came up behind me from another room, and I couldn’t believe they were here from Florida too! I then saw that one of my closest friends had traveled in from Nashville to surprise me as well! I couldn’t believe it and was so overwhelmed with emotion and love. It was incredibly special to have both of our families and close friends there to celebrate us! I found out later that Brian had been planning this for months in advance, and he is not usually such a planner. Our families had a wonderful dinner catered for us, so we ate and popped champagne to celebrate! They also surprised us with a basket full of sweet engagement gifts, including wedding look books and planners for me. My parents stayed with us for the rest of the weekend, and it was so nice to be able to keep celebrating with them. I truly feel like Brian couldn’t have planned a better weekend for us!

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