Brian and Katie | Proposal in the Park they Met

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How we met – by Brian: Well I am a car mechanic and my assistant manager tells me I need to meet a friend of his coming in for an oil change. She came in and she was glowing! I worked on her car and she heads out. Not too long afterwards, she writes our mutual friend asking about me. We would text some but didn’t really hangout for another four months. Then on December 14th we were watching Christmas movies that evening and began talking afterwards. This was the night we decided we would take our friendship into the dating status. It wasn’t until after this decision that I found out she had made a commitment to God not to date anyone until the first of the year. So we honored her commitment to God and waited for January first to be our first date. Since then we have been committed to pursuing Christ together and praise him everyday.

how they asked: Well I had bought our rings on a Friday evening. I was so excited to have the rings with me! After praying through it I felt the perfect opportunity to ask her was that next Friday. This gave me a week to plan how to propose, and share my plans with immediate family. Once I received her fathers blessing, I was able to plan with Crofton Photography to be at the park where I would propose. I decided I would repeat everything from our first date. We went to breakfast at the same place. Interestingly enough, we sat at the same table! Later, we headed out to Lake Park. We have a spot at the park that means a lot to us because we had some time where God really showed up and gave us some confirmation that we were to be together. We sat down in a clearing until I felt the time was right. I had her come with me into the shade where we could talk and be affectionate. This actually made Katie uncomfortable because there is a woman reading at a picnic bench nearby. What Katie does not know is this woman is actually Stephanie Crofton of Darin Crofton Photography ready to take pictures of our special day. Finally, she said the word I have been wanting to hear all week. She said, “Yes!”

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How we met-by by Katie: After a tough week of mom in a nursing home and her health depleting, my car needed a jolt of life. I exhaustingly went to my friend’s auto shop to get an oil change. As I staggered to the front counter, my friend started to explain that I needed to meet his coworker Brian. After a few minutes, I’m trying to shake off the fact I came in for an oil change and am now getting set up for a date. I momentarily got distracted by this handsome blue eyed man leaning on the front counter of the shop. After daydreaming, I realized I’ve tuned out of this conversation and next thing I know, my friend looks at the handsome man and says “Hey Brian can you go do TGKG’s oil?” I almost fainted with shock. After leaving the shop curiosity struck, I should have listened to the whole conversation because now I want to know all about this Brian. After Facebook, phone calls, prayer and random adventures together, I discovered this man would be forever my best friend and future husband.

how they asked: The idea of Brian and I having this same day off at this point was unheard of. It wasn’t until Brian’s work allowed him to switch his day off to a Friday based upon us helping his friend set up for their wedding, that all things became possible. Up until this point anytime we were alone and he planned something, I would feel my heart start to flutter thinking “this is it” “it’s going to happen”. Knowing that God had placed us together, it was only natural he would propose but how and when? God had aligned our paths for a purpose. Just like Rebekah was in the right place at the right time, with the right heart to be chosen to be Isaac’s wife. However, this Friday I had desensitized myself of all heart fluttering. I picked up on some questionable actions of Brian but he instantly dismissed my suspicion. He thought it would be great to go to the same restaurant for breakfast we did for our first date. Great! I love that place. Next we went to the same park as we did on our first date. Great! I love that park. We even reminisced about our first date in the same spot in the park. I was clueless. It wasn’t until he got hot that the plot thickens, we decided to move spots into an unfamiliar location, which happened to be in the shade right next to this lady wearing really cute rainboots and reading. We continued to reminisce about our relationship and I still pointed out us awkwardly standing too close to this lady. I even questioned where she got her boots. All of a sudden Brian begins to shake. I asked “are you okay, you’re shivering” I then notice in complete heart fluttering, life altering astonishment Brian was bending down on one knee. All I remember was the random lady jumping up to take pictures as I stumble for words and balance as Brian asked “Will you marry me?” After me saying yes, what came next was God orchestrated. We took our engagement pictures and took off to his friend’s wedding. At the wedding, God showed up on and off. He showed me that I’d seen this location before but in a vision. A vision I had before I even knew Brian, during a time after mom had passed away, and I needed to lean on God more than anything. When questioning the owner about the house who we’ve never met, she willingly blessed us by allowing us to have the wedding there for free. Our Heavenly Father gives perfect gifts, just as Rebekah was a gift to Isaac, God came through for us in a way only He could get credit for.

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Photography by Darin Crofton Photography