Brian and Kathleen

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How we met: Brian and I met when we were 10 years old at Merriwood Christian Camp in Lewisville, North Carolina. We both attended the camp for many summers in a row and every year we would grow closer and closer as friends. As Brian likes to tell the story he was in love with me ever since way back then, I just took some convincing. Over the years when we were younger we keep in contact during the
school year and then would reconnect in the summer for a week. But during high school I stopped going to that camp and we drifted apart as friends since we lived on separate sides of the state. We both went off to college and randomly reconnected during college over social media and decided we would like to reconnect. Ever since we did we have been inseparable. It was like no time had passed and we just grew closer and closer together again. Brian is a military police officer in the North Carolina Army National Guard and for a year during our relationship we had to be physically apart while he attended Basic Training, OCS and BOLC schools for training. We communicated through scarce calls and texts and a lot of old fashion letters. During this time it was how close we grew and how strong we grew as a couple while being apart that made us both know for sure we could always make this relationship work.

how they asked: Every year since we started dating, Brian and I would go to Old Salem in my hometown and walk around at Christmas time. We enjoy getting to see the beautiful old history of Old Salem especially all decorated for Christmas as well as the time to just spend with each other. It has become quite a tradition for the two of us. So this year I decided I wanted to start taking a picture of us every year on the beautiful bridge of Old Salem.After walking around old Salem we started walking back to the bridge and Brian says to me “I know you really wanted to have pictures taken of us so I have a surprise for you” About that time I see his sister standing on the bridge waving to us. “So I got my sister to come and take them for us.” I was so surprised and so excited to get to have some good pictures of us and not just have a stranger take a quick picture of us on my cell phone. We began posing and taking cute pictures and then in the middle of her snapping away, he got down on one knee and said “Kathleen I love you with all my heart, will you marry me?” Through lots of tears I managed a YES, and also as he likes to tell everyone I also said “Are you serious??” I am very thankful his sister was there to capture the whole moment on film and also to get some quick engagement type photos of us afterwards!

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