Brian and Julia

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how we met

Brian and I met online through (Though, as you know, we like to tell people he was rescuing me from being mauled by a bear). I actually just went back and looked at the first messages he sent me. He hooked me by complimenting my love of Jim Halpert from the Office and told me he had a soft spot for teachers. From there we chatted for about a week before exchanging numbers and setting up a date.

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We had dinner together at Heaven on Seven and I remember thinking he was so handsome. It was the best word to describe him. I still tell him this all the time! We continued to date and a few weeks later Brian asked me to “go steady” and make it official!

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how they asked

Fast forward almost 4 years later to December 2016. We had spent the day running errands and Brian mentioned that he wanted to make “fancy dinner” which is not unusual for him. We decided on mushroom risotto and scallops. We stopped by the grocery store and also picked up peppermint ice cream – my favorite flavor that is usually only available around the holidays. That evening we had dinner and were watching the Blackhawks game. Brian asked if I was ready for dessert and went into the kitchen. He called me in and immediately I thought, what help does he need to get ice cream ready? But when I walked in he was on one knee and holding a ring.

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I immediately freaked out – I was SO surprised. We just sat there, grinning for a few minutes and started calling family and friends to let them know. Come to find out, Brian had snuck his way over to my parent’s a couple nights before to get their blessing. Now we’re in the thick of planning and so excited for November 10th!

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