Brian and Jenna

how we met

Brian moved to San Diego in March of 2017 from New Jersey. He moved into a small apartment complex in Ocean Beach. One night, while washing clothes in the shared laundry space, Jenna struck up a conversation. She saw he was wearing a New York Knicks shirt, and having herself moved here from New York in 2014, took it upon herself to invite him out. Brian was shy but immediately enamored by Jenna’s kindness and spark. She returned a sock he left in the dryer—a signal to him that she was someone special. They went out as neighbors, hung out a few times as friends, and then decided to give love a chance a couple of months later.

how they asked

The winding, cliffside back roads of Ocean Beach are where we have had some of our best moments. Sunset walks with our dog, Shay. Strolls to Little Lion Cafe and Sunset Cliffs. Impromptu photoshoots of wildflowers. One location along that route holds a special place in our relationship—the Orchard Street stairs that lead to the path along the ocean. We had our first kiss there. We’ve seen the sun set too many times to count. “The Stairs” are where we’ve pushed each other during workouts, admired the beauty of the Pier, and just taken the time to listen to the mighty pacific roar. It’s our spot, and now, will always be our spot—cemented in time as the place we agreed to Live on the Edge of the World. Together. Forever.

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Ocean Beach
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