Brian and Chelsie

How We Met

Brian and I met at his high school’s prom weekend, Glenbrook North in 2010. I went to a different high school, but was also asked to go to Glenbrook North’s prom. Brian and I met the day after prom at my aunt and uncle’s lake house in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. I remember seeing him and thinking “he is totally my type.” Throughout the entire day and night, I remember chatting together, but nothing more than that. After prom weekend, we stayed in touch and became friends. Brian is a year older than me, so at the end of the summer, he headed of to Indiana University. I was still a senior in high school. Despite being 4 hours away, we talked frequently. While we talked, I always considered him a “good friend.” He would come home on his breaks from college and we always hung out, again, nothing more than friends. The next year in 2011, I went to Miami University and while in college, we still talked and hung out. In Winter Break of 2012, Brian went to Israel on Birthright and came home with a necklace for me and wanted to move our friendship into a relationship. Unfortunately for Brian, I still friend-zoned him. Another year went by and it was my Junior year of college. Brian asked me out on a date during winter break and I said yes. Before he picked me up, I was so nervous and had butterflies. This is when I realized that I viewed Brian more than as just a friend! We had a great dinner and I agreed that we could give it a go. The rest, as they say, is history. We moved in together 6 months after to our first apartment I graduated from college in 2015. I am so happy that after all of those years of my parents and best friend saying, you should give Brian a shot, I listened. He is my other half and I couldn’t be happier.

how they asked

We were moving into our new apartment in Chicago on April 29, 2017. Brian’s mom, Ellen texted us during the week of the move in asking to go to brunch on Sunday April 30. As what was expected, I resisted but eventually agreed to go. Ellen said they were going to pick us up and that we would be going to White Oak Tavern in Lincoln Park. When Ellen texted me that they would be going to White Oak, I responded “Omg, do you know what that is right next to?” Meanwhile, Ellen, Brian and Brenda were all laughing when they saw this text because they knew I would say these exact words. Playing along, Ellen said “No.”” I said it’s right next to Sweet Mandy B’s! Rob, Brian’s Dad and Ellen picked us up Sunday morning and Ellen came up to our apartment. She looked so put together and meanwhile, I was wearing hunter boots with no makeup on! When seeing how Ellen was dressed, I quickly changed and threw on makeup. I still had NO idea today would be the day. We got to White Oak, and Brian suggested we go into Sweet Mandy B’s first. I was so annoyed and didn’t want to go in until after brunch. They dragged me in! Once we got into the bakery, Brian said well if you don’t want anything, walk around the corner with me. I walked around into the private room of the bakery and saw my mom and dad with a cake that said “Congratulations” and the ring box. I had never been more stunned in my life! They planned the BEST, most meaningful surprise of my life.

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