Sabrina and Brian Michael

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How We Met

We both attended Illinois State University! In the spring semester of our Junior year, we had a math teaching class together. We started slowly talking and flirting with each other. One night we decided to hang out. We sat on my balcony talking until 6 o’clock in the morning. After that, we have been together and will be together forever.

How They Asked

Here was the day -She woke up and watched this video.

-Then her mom and my parents surprised her with breakfast. They watched this video of us traveling, and amazing race people.

-After that, she went to her friend’s house for some coffee. They watched a video with a mix of things

-Then she went on a walk with her brother and Feeny!

-I came home to some lunch with my parents and watched 2 videos. The first video was pictures of us at concerts and sporting events! Added with some athletes and musicians: The second was survivor contestants telling her to say yes:

-Next, her friend came over and they painted some glasses. They watched a video of our own students telling her to say yes!

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-Then, she tried on some dresses and listened to some reality show contestants tell her to say yes!!

-After that, she got her nails done with her mom and sister!

-After her nails, she watched two videos!

Our friends:

Family:, she found me at the spot!!

We watched one more video together. Then, it was question time.

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Our Video

Special Thanks

Cassidy Fortunski
 | Photographer