Alyssa and Brian

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How We Met

Brian and I met at Lehigh University, I was a freshman and Brian was a senior. We both were on the Swim Team at Lehigh, meeting my first day on campus while Brian explained to all the freshman where we would be going that night for our first college party. Both from New York, although I had grown up on Long Island and he grew up in NYC, we had been on the same pool deck many times from swim meet yet never actually met in person. When we first started spending time together outside of the pool at Lehigh, it started as friends and escalated into something more. Although we are complete opposites, we truly make each other better people (at least he certainly makes me a better person). We dated for 7 and a half years before Brian got down on one knee.

how they asked

Brian and I were on our yearly trip to Miami for Art Basel. Brian’s mom is an art dealer so we go every year and have a lot of fun learning about some of the great artwork shown as well as enjoying our favorite place – the beach! In an unexpected trip, the weather was completely horrible – torrential downpours every day, meaning Brian and I did not get to enjoy the beach at all. We had gotten into an argument a few days before as I was wondering when it finally was going to be the day we got engaged and he, feeling anxious that he planned to do it this weekend, told me to just enjoy the trip and it would happen when it was right and it wasn’t right yet. As it stopped raining for all of 1 hour, Brian insisted we go for a walk on the beach even though it wasn’t very nice outside as it might be our only beach walk for the trip. As we walked along the wet beach, we stopped under an art installation that had been taken down due to the weather. Brian started with saying he had lied to me about something – which I did not respond very well to and then he dropped down on one knee and continued with he had lied when he told me we weren’t getting engaged on this trip.

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