Bria and Matthew

Where to Propose in Our first apartment

How They Asked

It was Christmas Morning this past December and Matt asked if I wanted to open presents then and of course, I said yes! I gave him the Apple Watch he was wishing for and he cried tears of joy. One by one I opened all my presents, unveiling a beautiful work out jacket, some cozy books and chocolates, and this larger surprising box. Unwrapping this large box I was given a note to read, sweet notes from my love about our journey together and how much he loved and cared from me.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Our first apartment

Inside the larger box lived a smaller box—me thinking it was a pair of earrings I’d been eyeballing for a while but when I opened it, it went flying! I got down on all fours to look for the beautiful posts I thought I lost to realize the box was empty. I turned around with anger only to find Matt down on one knee, with the ring box in hand, asking my hand in marriage. I cried and of course, said yes. The best Christmas I could have ever asked for ❤️