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My boyfriend, Joey had left for 3 months to play soccer professionally in Austria. I flew out to visit him for 10 days and we traveled to Austria, Germany, and lastly Prague. We have both been to Prague separately and he knows it is my most favorite, magical place I’ve ever been to in the entire life and that I dreamed about us visiting Prague together. We spent our last 3 nights in Prague drinking wine, touring the city, and soaking in the last 3 days we had together until he came home later that month. On my last night visiting, he told me to wear my favorite dress because he made dinner reservations to a very fancy dinner for my last night visiting.

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We were walking to dinner across the St. Charles Bridge and he says he wants to find someone to take our picture, so..he yells across the bridge at some young man with a professional camera and waves him over to take our picture – I was so embarrassed LOL. He was very sweet and actually suggested we move to the center of the bridge to get the beautiful view behind us. THEN…the guy taking our picture puts away my phone he was using and starts taking photos of us with HIS professional camera. As soon as that started happening Joey turns to me and starts telling me all the reasons he loves me and wanting to start a life with me.

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The photographer ended up being someone Joey had hired to capture this special moment of him proposing and I almost fainted I was in complete shock.

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He hired the photographer to follow us around the city for the next hour to take pictures of us soaking in the moment and FaceTiming my family who had NO idea he was planning to propose (except for my dad who he asked for his blessing the night prior to this).

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We walked around the city crying, laughing, and sharing the incredible news with my closest friends and family (which were nothing but screams and tears of joy). To end the night we enjoyed a beautiful dinner at a rooftop restaurant with my favorite food and dessert – pasta and creme brûlée. This is by far, the best day/night of my entire life – at least, until November 8th ❤ – our wedding.

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Special Thanks

Jakub Šimmer
 | Photographer
Devin Leon - Best man, who tricked me into bringing my own engagement ring in my luggage (planned with the Groom). He wrapped it and said it was a gift for Joey...little did I know my ring was inside and I brought it to Prague myself LOL.
 | Planning