Bria and Jeremy

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Crescent Beach in East Providence, RI

How We Met

We met almost 11 years ago through my best friend. She and Jeremy went to a very very small high school together and ever since we met we have been “frienemies”. He would constantly find ways to get a rise out of me and I would get on him about how annoying it was. But, through all of our arguing and nagging each other, we would still hang out constantly. We would go to the beach, lunch, Starbucks, visit him at his job, you name it! All through high school and college, we would hang out but just weren’t ready for one another yet. For about two to three years we weren’t really speaking much because of life. It wasn’t until last year that I asked on Instagram if anyone would go to this concert with me and he responded to it saying he would! We went together (with his sisters) and it was our first time seeing each other in about two to three years. That night changed everything and it was like I was meeting the same person but in a new way. We knew that night that this was going to be forever.

How They Asked

A few months ago he told me to keep October 26th as “our day” and plan nothing else but hang out time with him. We do this when our lives become too busy and we need to schedule a whole day of stuff we like or want to do. So, October 26th came and we started the day at my favorite new spot for breakfast and my best friend, who we met through, joined us too! It was great just being our group of three again. After that, we went to a planetarium and watched a movie about the moon projected over-head in a dome. It was adorable and he loved it! We ran around town for some errands and to eat lunch and then we made our way to “our beach”.

It’s a small strip of beach in his hometown that we’ve been to a lot and has a special place in our hearts. We walked along the sand and got close to the end of it when I spotted the most perfect set up on string lights, lanterns, blankets and flowers. It hit me immediately what was happening and I couldn’t stop the tears from falling. He led me over to the set-up and I saw the ring. Everything stopped at that moment as he reached for it and got down on one knee.

I had always tried to visualize what that moment would look like but, this was far greater than I could have ever imagined or hoped for. He said the sweetest things to me, and as the sun was setting behind us, he asked those special four words and of course I said YES! He has exceeded all of my expectations of that day and just who he is as a person. He’s everything I prayed for and more!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Crescent Beach in East Providence, RI

Special Thanks

Emily Figueroa
 | Photographer