Bria and Jake

How We Met

Jacob and I met at church, when we both showed up to volunteer with the college group. When I signed up to bring coffee and stock the coffee cart, Jacob stole my phone number off of the sign-up list and texted me that weekend. He asked me if we wanted to meet up and “talk about coffee”, which I agreed to- but I was never sure if he was into me or just really into coffee! Half-way through dinner, he said, “so when did you realize I didn’t actually care about coffee?” and the rest is history!

how they asked

We had been dating over two years, and things were getting serious. I knew that this man was all of the qualities I have ever wanted in a husband: he lives to protect me, to encourage me, to make me laugh, and to experience life by me. He is strong and willing, but soft when he turns my way. I admire how hard he works and the way he lights up a room. I love that he had chosen (before I met him) to let God lead his life. I just really love HIM and all of the qualities that make him who he is.

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May 1st was the day my life changed forever- and it started as an average day! I was late to work and my eyeliner was NOT cooperating. Jacob had told me that after work we were going on a special date- my birthday was in April, and he was out of town, so I figured that we were just celebrating a little late. I brought a few outfit choices to change into when he picked me up from work and we were on our way to a surprise location! We drove up the coast, talking and laughing and singing to country music the whole way.

When we got into Laguna, he told me that we had dinner reservations, but that we were early and we should check out this beach he heard about. We scaled the tidepools at Victoria Beach and admired the amazing view, and he asked me if I wanted my birthday present right now since he “couldn’t wait any longer”. I closed my eyes and he knelt on one knee, and told me to open my eyes. I was so shocked I didn’t even say yes! I just jumped on him and hugged him until he asked- “so, is that a yes?”

And of course, it was YES. It will always be YES.

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