Bria and Conan

how we met

Conan and I met at a party when we were teenagers. It had to be fate. He was from a city about half an hour from the little country town where I grew up, and I don’t know exactly why he decided to spend his Saturday night at a party in someone’s barn, but I’ll always be grateful for it. I partied a bit too much (as teenagers tend to do) and this beautiful stranger took care of me for the whole night. He left me with my friends at the end of the night, but the next morning I found his number in my phone. We went on our first date the next day, and I’ve been smitten ever since.

how they asked

I was SOO surprised! He did so much in just a few days to prepare for it. He asked my father for his permission. He recruited my friends for help. We had a casual session scheduled, and he reachedout to the photographers to scope out a place to do it. I had no clue during the session. She asked us to stand back to back for a shot, and I felt him turn around. I turned around, and he was on his knee. I was so shocked, my first answer was “Shut up!” Followed by “Stop playing!” I eventually calmed down and said YES!

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